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Harfiček benefit concert for the church of St. Havel in Štolmíř

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ZÁPRAZÍ 26/09/2021, the column arrived at the editorial office

Harfiček benefit concert for the church of St. Havel in Štolmíř

On September 25, 2021, the Harfičky Music Ensemble played an amazing benefit concert for the Church of St. Havel in Štolmíř. For the first time in history, the notes of 11 harps were heard together in the church, and already during the opening composition Vyšehrad they received a big applause. The harpists were accompanied by a reciter, Rudolph Kvíz, a native of Stolmír. Historian and columnist Jan Psota talked about the history of the church, the Saint Wenceslas legend, but above all he mentioned the famous Stolmír native Anna Božena Vykoukalová, in whose honor the concert was held. We thank Harfička, all performers, organizers and all of you who came to the concert and supported the church of St. Havel in Štolmíř. At the end, Tomáš Klinecký revealed to those present the total amount of voluntary contributions, which amounts to CZK 7,860!!! And so it goes to a public collection for the church of St. Havel.


Cologne daily 26/09/2021

Harfičky played in Štolmíř, the benefit helped to repair the church

A substantial part of the concert was taken up by the performance of the harp ensemble Harfička led by Pavla Vondráčková Jahodová, who completes the ensemble with a pedal harp. Conducted by Eliana Vondráčková, who also performed with the transverse flute. The music was alternated with the spoken word, which was taken care of by the historian and publicist Jan Psota. He told about the history of the church of St. Havel, about the St. Wenceslas legend and the harpist Anna Božena Vykoukalova. The benefit concert ended with Tomáš Klinecký, deputy mayor of Český Brod. Almost 8 thousand crowns were collected during the concert.



Concert of the Harfičky ensemble in Doubravčice

Facebook events in Doubravčice

Czech Radio Junior

How many harps can fit in the studio? We tried for a record!

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obecni listy 2023 chanuka.jpeg
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Harfičky in Czech Radio Junior

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Harfičky in Štolmíř, TV NOE reportage

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